Hi Dear Iaso Tea Lovers,

Due to the Company having alot of back orders I have been out of tea for a while but I have great news for you!!!!

NEW STOCK ARRIVES THIS WEEKEND!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEE! Who’s excited as I am? Please hit me up on 08099869541 and you can also whatsapp me on that number. I am yet to be of service.

Please note that it is on a First Come First Serve basis.

For those out of Nigeria,who wouldn’t be able to buy,please you can also order directly from the company website on

Want to become a distributor of this miracle tea and be your own Boss,working from home and earning 50% commissions on Sales & Signups? Then call me and i will put you through. All you need is $40 and a Visa or Mastercard. Verve isn’t allowed please.

God bless you.